Our mission is to provide you with life insurance from best of class carriers at the lowest cost you can find anywhere, and at the same time giving extravagantly to your local community.

Why Synthesis?

We work with individuals, businesses and fee-only financial advisors to create solid and efficient life insurance portfolios. Our team has great depth to its experience, including Certified Financial Planners, MBAs and estate planning attorneys.

We are professionals, not salespeople; we counsel and never pressure. Whether the need for life insurance is for basic personal income replacement, sophisticated estate planning or business succession planning, Synthesis can help.

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How do we give so much away?

The Synthesis Story

Synthesis was founded in 2014 by Patrick Johnson, CFP ®, ChFC, CLU. Patrick is a veteran of the financial services industry and after a successful tenure from 1996-2010, he and his family of four decided to take a sabbatical from the busiest aspects of his practice. In 2010 the family embarked on what they called ‘the Grand Experiment’. They bought some raw land in Georgia, built a small organic farm, and committed to living true to their family values: Love, Harmony, Community, Family.

During his time on the farm which was intentionally in one of the most financially impoverished areas of north Georgia, Patrick reflected often on the disparity between those who have so much abundance while others struggle mightily to fund even the most basic of necessities.  He also observed that there was no shortage of organizations willing to serve those in need; but, they all seemed to struggle with funding. The idea for Synthesis came together in an evening not unlike the scene in “Jerry Maguire” when Tom Cruise had an epiphany about a better way to approach his industry in the service of others. 

After a lot of counsel with attorneys and accountants and colleagues, Synthesis was born with a mission to ‘synthesize’ two paradigms that have historically not been meaningfully integrated: capitalism and philanthropy.

Synthesis is a rarity among corporations, in that it is a Public Benefits Corporation – legally bound in its Articles of Incorporation to give extravagantly to charity. Synthesis is not just a broker of life insurance; it is a broker of hope and compassion. The winds of change blew and the beautiful farm chapter closed, and Patrick and his family are now back in Colorado.Patrick is at work pouring his considerable experience into Synthesis. The hope is that a new paradigm will take root as Synthesis continues to grow meaningfully. It is our hope that other companies will notice that appealing to compassion is an excellent business model…for everyone…and that those companies will implement some iteration of this model.  Imagine the impact if those without were provided for by those who have, simply when those who have spend the same dollars they always intended to spend! This is the vision and we hope you will join us.

Synthesis Founder Patrick Johnson teaches a Continuing Education Course at the Pinery.

The Grand Experiment

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