• Synthesis brokers fixed, fixed-indexed and immediate annuities.

  • We work closely with individuals, businesses and fee-only advisors as an annuity resource.

  • We have no loyalty to one carrier over another. Our loyalty lies with those who ask us to help them find the best contract.

  • We represent all the best-in-class carriers, so we can source the right annuity for your needs.


Synthesis’ founder, Patrick Johnson, is a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) with more than 20-year tenure in the financial services industry, including a term as President of the Colorado Financial Planning Association.

When appropriately utilized, annuities are a powerful tool for people to utilize with their financial planning.

As a practitioner, Patrick had many clients and fee-only advisors who consulted with him about how to access and place insurance products which, when inserted into a well-diversified portfolio, would reduce risk and offer returns in line with bonds and CDs. He also counseled on how to structure income annuities for those needing to create a consistent and reliable income stream.

A couple of years after founding Synthesis, these same clients and referral sources started asking Patrick if Synthesis brokered fixed annuity contracts. We decided that fixed, fixed-indexed, and income annuities should be a part of our offering as these are excellent investments for those seeking to safeguard their finances. The commissions paid also generate additional revenue for those in our communities in need.

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