It is an ongoing struggle for us to determine how to most accurately phrase how we give: as a percentage of profit or percentage of revenue.

In order to be consistent with other charitably inclined companies, we have decided to state on the main site that we give 100% of profit to charity. However in our case, and as indicated on the main site, it really is better than that!  So much better.

To explain, and at risk of getting slightly technical in the effort:

Profit is what is left over in a company’s bank account after all the expenses of the company are paid. Revenue is the total money generated by the company before any expenses are taken out.

As stated, most companies who give money to charity explain their giving as a percentage of their profit. While we would never want to be construed as being disparaging to any charitably inclined company, it is possible that this metric ultimately means little.  The company could pay large salaries and offer perks and bonuses out of ‘revenue’ which would whittle ‘profit’ down to a small number, thereby leaving little in the bank account to give from. Giving little from a small amount can be made to look really good for marketing purposes. This can certainly be misleading for those who are trusting the charitable inclination of the company (ex. $1,000 of revenue [less $999 of expenses] = $1 of profit. This company could give $1 and they say they give 100% of profit).

By contrast, if a company says they give as a percentage of revenue (all income that comes into a company), then that is extravagant! Suffice it to say, it is a challenge to run a profitable company, and even more of a challenge when money is given away before any expenses are even met!

While we do follow industry-standard phraseology with a statement that we give 100% of profit, our extravagant commitment is that we will give a minimum of 25% of gross revenue to charity. Notably, we are legally bound to this mandate as it is in our Articles of Incorporation as a Public Benefit Corporation. It is of course entirely possible that this giving level will even be more than 100% of profit, and has been since we were founded! This mission is only possible because we are committed to keeping expenses exceptionally low and staying true to our mission.

Since 2014 we have given away over 50% of gross revenue!